Saturday, April 2, 2011

Welcome to Peter Mangiola's blog!

As Marketing Director for LPM HOMECARE LLC, Peter Mangiola helps senior citizens by leveraging his vast knowledge of the healthcare industry and his expertise in identifying effective, affordable healthcare. By helping his clients make challenging medical decisions, he strives to keep them in their homes where they can live with dignity and autonomy. A Registered Nurse, Peter Mangiola often recommends pursuing treatment at teaching facilities, where clients can receive various levels of care. Peter Mangiola also provides unwavering support, offering an outlet to discuss worries and concerns. Paramount to Mangiola’s service philosophy is his belief that a healthy senior population benefits the community on the whole. As a franchise owner, Peter Mangiola takes pride in empowering his elderly clients to maintain their independence. Peter Mangiola manages 3 offices with more than 200 employees. Approximately 70 staff members serve as caregivers, with more than a dozen operating as patient advocates. Also a Registered Nurse and the owner of LPM HOMECARE LLC, his wife Maria regularly joins Peter Mangiola in conducting in-home patient intake sessions. This allows them to collaborate in choosing the right care coordinator for each client. Unlike other similar organizations, LPM HOMECARE LLC never charges extra for a nurse’s in-home visit. Peter Mangiola attended University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing and graduated in 1980. With more than 30 years of experience in his field, Peter Mangiola endows his work with a passion for helping people and a commitment to making a meaningful difference in their lives.